How to Maximize traffic and sales for Shopify store?

How to Maximize traffic and sales for Shopify store?

If you have started a New Shopify Store and want to have high traffic and maximum sales, then this piece of advice is perfect for you. 

I believe that with time you will recover, refine and revamp your business. To go further, let's overview the two important things.

We have two ways to get targeted traffic, as follows:

  1. Traffic Through Paid Marketing
  2. Organic Traffic Through SEO Ranking Strategies

Through Paid Marketing, we can manage your PAID campaigns like Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, etc. 

Of course, it will cost you regularly, and until you keep throwing money at ads, you will be getting paid traffic. Usually, Drop-Shippers and personal store owners do it to grab instant sales as fast as they can.

Be Careful About changes in Paid Marketing

The worst thing about paid marketing is a holistic and sudden stoppage. If you stop advertising on ads, everything stops.

No ads ---- No traffic

On the other part, you must prepare your mind for a regular and handsome cost. The maximum you throw---the maximum you can get. And don't forget if you have strong SEO copywriting on board for the best conversion. 

Weak copywriting can spoil a hell of your precious amount paid for ads. People will come to your site but will not buy anything because of a weak sales approach. So be careful about SEO copywriting before going to offer ads.

SEO Ranking Strategies

Now, come to the SEO Ranking strategies, which are almost stunning in the online market. SEO experts optimize product images, product descriptions, meta titles, and keywords for search engines. 

On the other hand, SEO Experts prepare link building through their dynamic exposure with high authority domains to get organic ranking on search engines.

Hence, it creates a big difference. You can get organic traffic slowly and get organic rankings for targeted-related keywords. Yes, it takes time. You can say that around 6 to 8 months can be a decent time to find the best organic traffic. You can say it is the best alternative to paid marketing, and it gives fantastic results in the long run.

Now, come to the cost factor. It can cost you around $500 to $5k (from minimum to maximum) as you can afford. 

The question is, what to do first? Yes, that's a big question. If you start paid marketing and don't go for SEO, it may not be a wise decision from SEO's point of view. Sites and stores are getting a hell of organic traffic and flipping their site for millions of dollars through SEO Ranking.

Here is another question. If you start doing SEO only, what results will you get? 

Yes, another good question. 

We will suggest you a master plan. 

The Master Plan to Maximize the Traffic and Sales

Start a medium paid marketing and medium SEO services for high ranking simultaneously. 

After 12 to 16 months, you will be able to reduce around your 40% to 60% paid marketing cost, and your store will have a big flipping and authority in search engines. 

By this, you can have the best combination of paid marketing and SEO strategies as a diversified portfolio. It is to get maximum traffic and maximum sales. I hope I haven't left anything beyond to get you in for the optimized opportunity. Isn't it?

Do you need assistance to maximize traffic and sales?

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