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“9sleek Grand Slam Offer”

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Every Shopify store owner is looking for traffic, traffic, and traffic for conversion. They look every possible option, throw money using every source of advertising…….but only a few clicks up. 
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Welcome you to 9sleek IT Solutions, and I am thankful for your interest and patience to have a few minutes for the success of your store within a short span of time.

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 I will brief you on how we increase traffic through these THREE POSSIBLE OPTIONS  for your Shopify store.
All Shopify store owners need traffic…Means a lot of traffic for conversions!
We have Three Possible Ways to get Free Traffic (that comes organically):
  • Through SEO Optimizing Your Products Page
  • Through Social Media Branding
  • Through Blogs
  • When we use Paid Marketing for targeted traffic, we throw tons of money on different channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and the same as that.
    We have a huge regular advertisement cost and as we stop spending, there is no traffic. 
    Yes, No Ads…… No Traffic…… No Sales 
    Advertisers take away a big share just to bring people onto your store. 
    Organic or Free Traffic from All Three Possible Ways that will boost traffic for maximum Conversions.
    Now, come to the First Option which is SEO
    Search Engine Optimization SEO can change the scenario
    People go and search on search engines with a buying intent
    Google shows the best result for each search query
    Google check which store is according to its guidelines with the best quality content, so our store must be optimized well to be considered competitive.
  • Google Considers Only Optimized Shopify Stores for the Competition
  • Shopify has recommended some SEO guidelines, and we need to understand them clearly.
    The starting SEO contains three Basic things - I would brief it later on:
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building (Off-Page SEO)
  • Let's understand it quickly:
    Technical SEO is all about your store structure, design, or layout must according to the search engine’s standards and guidelines. It means SEO work that is done aside from the content itself. 
    Sometimes you have duplicate URLs or maybe the wrong store structure for instance.
    On-Page SEO
    Meanwhile, On-Page SEO means all the things that you can do with our store’s content. 
    Here are Some On-Page Concerns
    When we have the best technical & On-page SEO score, we can be considered IN the competition.
    Generally, visitors click on the first few results. 
    Yes! we need to appear on the First Page of Google.
    But Only Technical & On-Page SEO  is not enough to get on the First Page
    We need a regular Link building Process for the store 
    Link Building is the practice of building one-way hyperlinks (also known as “backlinks”) to a high authority website with the goal of improving search engine visibility. 
    Final Thought
    SEO is an ongoing process, and it takes time to show results.
    For a new store, it needs 8 to 10 months while an old store needs 6 to 8 months with a continuous SEO effort.
    Now, to get the Unpaid or organic traffic (simply free traffic) we
    Have second stunning option which is “Generating SEO Blogs, interlinked with your products”.
    Actually, writing blogs is to catch the visitors on search engines through informational Blogs. And, Blogs are well -optimized to get ranked. Similarly, all blogs are interlinked with your product page for sales conversion. It is the main objective for writing, adding and publishing the Product-Linked blogs. When it is an ongoing process and with a massive content through blogs, you will be having an opportunity to get lifetime effect for 
    I hope it is enough  to understand the SEO Optimized and interlinked Blogs to have maximum organic traffic to your store.
    Right, now, let's move to the social branding.
    Social Media Branding is a practice to bring social circle organic traffic to your store.
    It includes the following:
    1. Social Media Profile Creations 
    2. Social Media Business Pages with Regular Posts
    3. Regular Social Media Posts
    4. Regular Pinterest Boards & Pins 
    5. Sharing Your Store’s Products On Social Platforms through different Profiles ( as natural as organic for fast conversion)
    The effects of Social Media Branding is to have a strong brand awareness and buyers’ trust for the best conversion. It helps a lot to boost SEO efforts.
    And, we are not yet finished!
    Do you know we can be the best for the paid marketing too?
    Retargeting Traffic for paid ads , and you save throwing money, time, and efforts. SEO+Social Media Branding+ Product-Linked Blogs altogether will become a traffic magnet.
    Now, you might be interesting to know that what cost does it come to your business? 
    Oh, yes!
    That what we are going to offer but only our first 50 customers!
    Yes, only First 50 
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    So What is 
    “9sleek Grand Slam Offer”?
    If you choose our best SEO package
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    And, similarly, you would love to pick our Premium Package for the Social Branding…. And you may be out of budget!!!!
    (SEO+SEO optimized Blogs+ Social Branding)
    That may cost 3000 USD per month for at least 6 months
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    the “9sleek Grand Slam Offer
    With all Three Organic Traffic Magnets
    SEO+SEO Blogs+Social Branding
    It is not 3000 USD per month
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    So you may be thinking it, but
    It is not 1000 USD per month
    so , it is Just 749 USD per month
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     9sleek Grand Slam Offer
    The Offer!
    It is Just 499 USD per month 
    for a minimum of 3 months and maximum as you can long to stay at the top.
    We build foundation for initial 3 months.
    Then, we will move to the advance strategy with same monthly charges. 
    You can get it intact to remain on top of the Google.
    (Three months in total $1,497 instead of $9,000)
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  • Complete Technical & In-Page SEO
  • Continuous back-to-Back SEO Blogs
  • Complete Social Branding 
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