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Speed up your Shopify Store Loading Speed

Speed up your Shopify Store Loading Speed

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9sleek | Shopify Plus Partner

We can optimize your store load speed performance on desktop/mobile, fix current errors to load it faster, enabling your customer to stay on your website for a long time, and ultimately it will help boost sales. 

It will include the following things:
- Minimize use of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
- Reduce the number of redundant redirects
- Check and fix all possible halting JS.
- Clean up unwanted/unused files and related scripts.
- Check and optimize all website assets (CSS, JS, etc.)
- Optimize the video section to an optimized version.
- Apply Lazy loading per section wherever required
- Improve LCP
- Improve CLS(Cumulative Layout Shift)
- Improve TBT(Total Blocking time)
- Combining reusable functions & avoiding duplicate codes.
- Compress JavaScript and CSS if needed
- Compression of the larger images

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